Dear Stockholders

Dear Shareholders,

As we head into the summer, I’m excited to highlight some of our key recent accomplishments as well as provide you with some of our thoughts on the vision of Savara as an orphan lung disease company.

In terms of the progress, we have advanced our pipeline steadily and are approaching probably the most exciting twelve months in our company’s history. As you all know, enrollment for our IMPALA PAP and OPTIMA NTM studies are nearing completion, with a number of important clinical trial data readouts expected over the next year. Savara’s stock is now covered by six Wall Street sell side analysts, with the most recent addition being Josh Schimmer from Evercore ISI who initiated on our stock earlier this month with an ‘Outperform’ rating and a $40 price target. In June, we were pleased to learn that Savara was added to the Russell 3000® Index and the small-cap Russell 2000® Index. We anticipate that inclusion in these indexes will broaden our shareholder base and provide additional value for our stock. To put the impact of the Russell Indexes in perspective, approximately $9 trillion in assets under management are benchmarked to or invested in products based on the Russell US Indexes.

One key theme we plan to increasingly highlight in our communications is the vision of Savara emerging as a consolidator in the orphan lung disease therapeutics space—extending well beyond our current portfolio of products and indications over time. We believe in building a unique company that specializes in a broad range of orphan lung diseases, many of which currently lack adequate treatments. The therapeutic programs for many of these diseases apply similar technical expertise, overlapping networks of KOLs and patient advocates, and consistent engagement with the same divisions of regulatory bodies like the FDA. The knowledge and experience of our personnel and the strategies and processes we use to develop and commercialize our products can be substantially leveraged to additional assets.  We believe we are well on track in building Savara into an efficient therapeutic development ‘engine’ for orphan lung diseases, and intend on continuing our efforts to become an acknowledged leader in our field.

Our business development group has identified over 100 orphan lung disease therapeutics, with an emphasis on clinical-stage drug candidates for patient populations poorly addressed by current treatments. In fact, a substantial number of these therapeutics would address indications for which there is no FDA-approved drug. We prioritized these therapeutics by scoring each one on a series of metrics key to assessing the potential value of the opportunities as well as strategic fit within Savara. This prioritization system enables us to focus our resources and efforts on those targets that would have the greatest impact on Savara and orphan lung disease patients.

Our acquisition of Serendex in 2016 and the subsequent expansion of the Molgradex program globally in multiple indications demonstrates our expertise and commitment to operate as a consolidator of orphan lung disease assets. Moving forward, one of our corporate goals is to add at least one new indication or clinical stage asset to our pipeline in 2018, and it is our belief that our growth strategy will continue driving value for shareholders for years to come.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and look forward to keeping you updated through our various communication channels including @SavaraPharma, press releases and our SEC filings.

Rob Neville

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